Fight that Cold!!

5 Sep

7 Things to Help Fight a Cold

1. Aloe Vera Juice…Has immune stimulating, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancer properties. Also helps address stomach disorders, ulcers, colitis, constipation and other colon related problems.

2. Astragalus…Has antiviral, antibacterial properties. Increases production of interferon, which can help the immune system in its function. Used to help combat a variety of viruses.

3. Cat’s Claw (also known as Una de Gato)… Assists the immune system by providing protection against numerous viruses. Enhances phagocytosis—the ability of white blood cells and macrophages to attack and destroy harmful microorganisms and foreign particles in the bloodstream. (At HQM we carry a product called Una de Gato Combination that is a blend of Cat’s Claw, Echinacea and Astragalus)

4. Colloidal Silver…Silver suspended in water. Antibacterail, antiviral, anti-parastical, antifungal properties.

echenisa-150x1505. Echinacea…Best known herbal immune system booster. Increases the activity of white blood cells in killing viruses. Blood purifier against strep and staph infections. Also helps to kill yeasts and fungus. Increases red blood cell counts, which in turn help to remove wastes from the system. Also has benefits in stimulating certain white blood cells to attack cancer cells and tumors.

6. Garlic….Known as “nature’s antibiotic”. Fights viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites. Won’t destroy body’s natural flora. Also stimulates lymph system in purging toxins, helps to reduce cholesterol/triglycerides, increases immunity, and reduces blood clotting (especially important against blood clots in the legs known as “peripheral arterial occlusive disease”).

7. Magnesium…The body’s immune system produces antibodies to attack and help destroy invading viruses and bacteria. Magnesium is a mineral vital to the production of such antibodies. Sugar in the diet depletes magnesium stores in the system, as does alcohol, refined grains, stress and more.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

4 Don’t’s

1) Don’t take Echinacea or olive leaf as an ‘immune booster’ all winter, unless you have been instructed to by your naturopath. If you are already taking them (and aren’t sick), drop the dose slowly, otherwise it is very easy to catch a cold or flu. Taking these herbs will boost your immune system, but once you get sick, your immune system won’t cope well because it is already being activated. Keep Echinacea & Olive leaf for the first sign of a cold or flu.

2)Don’t keep working and ‘slogging it out’. Although not always possible, stop & rest if you can. Your body needs the energy to fight the bacterial or viral infection. Resting will give you the best chance of doing so.

3) Don’t go for fast food during winter. It’s quick & easy, but doesn’t give any nutrition to your no-fast-food-150x150immune system.

4) Don’t underestimate how important it is to wash your hands & keep away from people coughing.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

5 Do’s

(Do these things to help avoid getting a cold or the flu; or if you do get one, to get over it much quicker)

healthy-food-150x1501) Eat a healthy diet during winter. Often the winter  months bring about more fatty, carb laden food. We still need to keep up the vegetable intake. Aim for 5 different colored vegetables at lunch & dinner. If you’re craving more carbohydrates, go for pumpkin, parsnip, potato & sweet potato.

2) Make sure you are taking vitamin D3  The sun naturally provides us with some vivamin D in the summer, but as we move indoors for winter are levels go down. This is the time to supplement. Make sure you are using D3!!

3) Exercise.  Regular exercise (before you get a cold or flu) helps to keep your immune system healthy. It can be difficult getting out into the coldness of the early morning or night. If you want to still exercise, but don’t want to face the cold, try getting a rebounder like this one it’s fantastic exercise & you can do it indoors at any time of the day!

4) Healthy Gut.  Having a healthy gut is really important. 70% of our immune system is within our gut. Making sure you are having regular bowel movements daily that are formed is important. Probiotics  are very important. Consider a supplement or try making your own Yogurt or Keifer.

n ostress5) Keep Stress levels low.  If stress levels are high, your cortisol which is your stress hormone will increase. This will help to stop you from becoming sick. The problem is when your stress is over, your cortisol levels decrease again & this is when you are vulnerable to getting a cold or flu. Have you ever been highly stressed with exams & then when the exams are over & you go on holidays you get sick? This is what’s happening to your body.


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