I Am Second

5 Sep


People sometimes think I am a little too EXCITED, too VOCAL, too ‘OUT THERE’, a little too LOUD about Jesus. I can remember someone saying one time: she’ll calm down, mellow out, she’s just a new Christian. It’s been 20 years and my passion for the Lord has not waned yet; and it’s my constant prayer that it never will!!!

luke7-300x240I read in Luke 7 today about the woman with the costly perfume, you know THAT WOMAN, the one who had sinned MUCH.  I totally get her. I WAS that woman. But the key word in that sentence is was. I hold the weight of that sin no longer.

I am Redeemed! I am Forgiven! I am Free!

Jesus took ALL of the  many, many, wicked, bad, wrong, terrible, hurtful, hateful, demeaning, despicable things I did. And because I put my faith in Him, He took all of those sins on Himself and cleared the slate for me, completely. Though my sins were scarlet, He washed them white as snow. He gave me His innocence.  Because of Him, I’m not who I used to be. And for that I am enormously GRATEFUL!

And as if that was not enough, HE LOVED ME. Even when I was knee-deep in sin, He loved me. Enough to give His life for me. He is Holy, Set Apart, Hates Sin, AND YET He loves me. With an unconditional, unending, irreversible love.

So I totally get why she washed His feet with her tears and wiped them dry with her hair. Why she would pour a year’s wage worth of perfume over him with out a second thought.

It’s because in contrast to what He had done for her; what he has done for me – it’s not Extravagant at all.

My desire is that I find a way to put Him first even more passionately today. And then each and everyday for the rest of my life.

I am serious about that desire;  so I need to make a plan or it may not be a reality.

As part of that plan I’m reading a brand new book called Live Second; 365 ways to make Jesus First.  Live Second is a book to help you put Jesus First with 365 SHORT, QUICK daily readings, prayers, and actions steps. Today’s  reading was about a woman who had sinned much, about being forgiven, and about being grateful to Jesus for that forgiveness. It reminded me of why I love Jesus so much and why I am so grateful. It got me in Gods Word, helped me apply it in a very real way to my life and helped me think about how I can use it to live for Him today.

 I am Melody Pipkin, I’m forgiven and I am second.


”He must increase, but I must decrease.”   John 3:30

He is first and I am second. But, I need to remind myself of this every. single. day. Life gets so busy, time is always running short and it is SO easy to make myself the priority, to focus on my needs and desires. I want Jesus to be first in my life. every hour of every day. I really do. I need a plan.

I choose to be second. I choose to lay this life I have been given as an offering at His feet to be used as He sees fit for His glory.


are you familiar with I am Second?



I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Business leaders. Drug addicts. Your next-door neighbor. People like you. The authentic stories on iamsecond.com provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday living. These are stories that give hope to the lonely and the hurting, help from destructive lifestyles, and inspiration to the unfulfilled. You’ll discover people who’ve tried to go it alone and have failed. Find the hope, peace, and fulfillment they found. Be Second.

The people who are featured on the imasecond.com site (called “Seconds”) graciously lend their names and stories to be shared so that others might be inspired to find the same freedom and sense of purpose they have found in Jesus.  While some of the “Seconds” may be well-known for their jobs or achievements, others are just local believers who transparently tell of overcoming struggles through Jesus.

I am Second is designed to help people discover their purpose in life. I love this site! I watch these videos and I cheer for these guys and I cry with them and I am inspired to be second.

Check out THIS video and THIS one and THIS one.

Good Stuff!!



One Response to “I Am Second”

  1. Mary A Davis November 19, 2014 at 12:22 am #

    I am sooo relieved to find your blog. I too am a Christ following woman with the same mutations you have. I am currently not thriving in my physical body, but our God will’s to heal and my husband, Jesus, is the greatest healer of all time. You blog shows you are fully active in life, holding nothing back. If it can happen to you, it can happen to me! I look forward to getting back on the dance floor, hiking the mountains of Tucson and also living and loving the final Christ loving husband the Lord has for me.

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