My First 5K!!!

5 Sep

Earlier this year I FINALLY met one of my goals and ran a 5K!

I ran The Azalea trail Run, aka ATR, in Mobile Alabama

I did it!!!!! It was awesome! My humble beginnings!! Whoop!! Whoop!!

I had a GREAT time at the race- the run was absolutely beautiful. There had been an 80% chance of thunderstorms expected, but not a drop fell on us until we were almost home.

4589 atr

I was # 4589. I ran the 5K in 32:56 which made me 16 out of 106 woman in my age group!  I really wanted to run it in under 30 minutes, but it was not to be. I sprinted the last bit and felt great when I crossed the finish line, it was my favorite part!!

ATR1mel and nate

A huge bonus was my youngest son ran with me, well he went to the race with me, we did not actually ‘run’ together. He ran the 5K in 22:08 to come in #6 in his division!!! 46th out of almost 2000 racers!!!! He had never even purposely ran 3 miles before this race, he is a sprinter.  He plays football, basketball & runs the 1600 in track. He enjoyed the race and wants to do more. He was slightly humiliated by the fact that I asked a random stranger to snap our picture, Haha, can you tell? I have been trying to stand next to him only when wearing 4 inch heals, I guess I can quit denying that he is taller than me now.

All and all it was a great day made even more special since I got to run the race with my son!!!

Here are the front and back of Nathan’s metal from the race!!

ATR metal1ATR metal2

For the future: One of my goals for this year (2013) is to run a 5K in under 30 minute.  I plan to run the 10K in this race next . I would love to do a triathlon with all three of my sons in the next year 🙂


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