Training Dayz

5 Sep

The count down begins!!

One month until my Sprint Triathlon, The Grandman. I am VERY excited but also SCARED to death!!

My Training so far:

The Swim

I am gaining more and more confidence in my swim, but worried about the MASS swim. I am fairly competitive, but have no desire to be kicked in the face. I wanted to start swimming 3 times a week instead of 2 this week but the pool is 30+miles away, and does not open until 6:30 am so for several reasons (TIME) 30 minutes is my limit for now. There are no coaches, lessons or masters programs in the area but I have been watching a lot of videos on the Swimsmooth site to try and improve my stroke. I hope to do an open water practice at the race site in a few weeks. The race swim is 1/3 mile. Also we jump off of swim starta side pier off a HUGE pier WAY out in the water which I know swim wise will be easier than wading out BUT I KNOW what HUGE fish (sharks) are out there!!!! I’m trying to think of it as motivation to swim fast!!

The Bike

I love the bike- it is my favorite of the three sports. I did a great 20 mile ride last Saturday. The bike portion of the race is 18 miles. I am not sure how hilly the course is except there is a huge one coming out of T1 and T2. Anyway, my practice ride is VERY bikehilly. Funny I never noticed how hilly it was here until I started biking and running. I do not have clipless pedals and wont be able to get them until after this race. I have also been practicing on the spin bike at the gym since I cant swim until 6:30. It is VERY boring BUT i have been doing intervals for 30 minutes and I can see improvement every weekend on my long ride.

The Run

I love the ‘idea’ of being a runner. Thenrunnner I actually run. The first mile my legs are tight and heavy and I am struggling to breathe and seriously questing why I EVER signed up to do a race and seriously considering turning around and going back home and then, magically,  after about a mile or so, something clicks in and it feels great.

One thing after reading some advice on the forums at Beginner Triathlete; I have slowed down quite a bit. My 5k was around 10 minutes a mile but I have been running around 3.6 miles at around 11.20 minutes a mile- which is a much more comfortable pace. (Yes, I am a turtle). It is very hard for me to be this disciplined & hold back, I want to be a sprinter. My favorite ‘running’ thing to do is dig in the last 200 yards (200 feet? when I can see my finish line) and give everything I have left to sprint to the finish. LOVE it!!! But I am refraining so I do not injure myself before my race. I would love to do a 10K , and am even starting to dream of a HM…maybe I am learning to love this running after all… who knew??

Running update: I found a great new blog I have been reading SarahFaithHansen and it had an awesome post about running: So You Think You Hate Running?  Very informative and motivational, if you are a struggling runner like me you need to read this!!

So here is my training plan for the month of May:

May Training

Not sure how readable that is. Basically Monday, Wednesday, Friday 30 minutes of intervals on spin bike (orange) then a 30 minute swim (blue). Tuesday and Thursday l run (green) for 30-45 minutes. Saturday & Sunday long bike and run. Saturday the 11th I had a race simulation planned but there is suppose to be an on-site swim practice so that may change. two short bike/run bricks the 21st and 25th. I plan to add 30 minutes of strength training 2-3 times a week.

Strength Training


I  have been reminded lately how important core work & strength training is  to triathlon and am working to fit that in as well. Actually strength training is my love, not cardio, BUT I am learning balance, in all things, is the key 🙂

STRONG is the new skinny. Love it. Skinny doesn’t work well for me.


One Response to “Training Dayz”

  1. sarahfaithhansen September 5, 2013 at 1:54 pm #

    Thank you so much for the mention! I’m so glad you enjoyed my ramblings! You will do great! Good luck in your training! Let us know how the race goes!

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