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5 Sep

Swim. Bike. Run.

They say variety adds spice to life and I believe it. I like change.

Carido IS so important for our health, but honestly, I get so board with the same old, same old. When I think of hours of walking/running on a treadmill to nowhere, stationary bikes…Kill me, now please! Dancy Zoomba, I will admit looks fun, but it’s just not for me. I like intervals, but I also like the idea of a brand new challenge- something I have never tried before.

I am doing a health program where I was given the assignment to set up some new physical goals that would challenge me. So, when I was reading my favorite blog for hair styling tips and I rand across her article, ‘Why you should try a Tri!’  a light bulb went off and I thought, Why not?!?

Did the fact that had not been running regularly in the last year detour me? What about the fact that I did not own a bike? Or had not ridden one in the last 20+ years? Or the fact that I do not really have anywhere to practice swimming? Or that I am edging (edging, not there yet) toward 50?

I told you, I like a challenge. And trying new things. I’m in!!!

So, I am still in the planning stages. I want to try a Sprint Tri first. A Sprint Tri is swimming 1/4 mile, biking 10-12 miles and running 2-3 miles.  Maybe in August??? We’ll see.

Depending on how that goes I may do:  An IRONMAN (The Ironman Triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile (3.9 km) swim, 112 mile (180 km) bike and 26.2 mile (42.2 km) marathon run!)  DREAM BIG!! Whoop!!

run2Run: My plan (for now) is to run a 5k this spring and maybe a half marathon before the summer is over, we’ll see. I did 3 miles yesterday, ran 1 1/2 without stopping. It felt great. I need some decent running shorts if I am going to be doing longer distances. Preferably semi modest ones that do not ride up my inner thighs. I am not sure what to get if anyone reads this and has a suggestion please comment and let me know.


bike (2)Bike: I want to get a bike by my 47th (Yes you read that right, 47 baby! Age is just a number!!) birthday in April. Lots of choices to make there, new things to learn and read about. I’m thinking road bike. I’m drooling over several Fuji’s but realistically until I see if biking is something I truly enjoy I’m keeping my budget rather low. Everything I read says find a local bike shop. There seem to be a LOT of expensive accessories that you NEED to bike…(helmet, better saddle, padded shorts, upgraded pedals & water bottle holders & a lock of course). I love the blog Nerd Fitness and read a great article on beginning Biking HERE.  I plan to talk to a few bikers (bicycle-ers??) I know first. I wish I knew a woman who biked personally instead of just men because I have a few questions…

swimSwim: I live in a fairly small town. There is no lake or pool I could do laps in- in my town. However, I live about 1 1/2 hours from the beach and  most of the nearby triathlons I glanced at seemed to use open water. My MIL has a pool and lives right up the road, it is smallish and round but I am thinking if there is some device (I could rig a device- ever heard, Where there is a will there is a way??? I have will!!!) that would hold my legs I could defiantly find a way to get some arm workouts in. There is a YMCA about 30 miles away, I am thinking after summer I may join and go once a week to practice laps. I plan to practice in the open water some this summer too. I do not like the idea of spending so much time in chlorine. I need to find some decent goggles, a sporty one peace and maybe a bathing cap and I should be good to go there 🙂 Of course, I really know NOTHING about swimming as a sport so I will be researching, researching, researching before I actually start practicing. Hey its January, I have time if my swimming is going to be outside 🙂


This is my mental picture of me at the finish (only a female me of course):

This will probably be reality: tri-finish-2


Either way- I bet it will be fun!!! And I will be healthier for doing it!

So I am doing a ton of research and I will keep you updated with what I learn.


My new hero and inspiration:


I was Googling age limits of people who did triathlon to see if I was too old to even attempt this since I do not know anyone in real life who does them and I found Sister Madonna. Check her out- 82 and still doing Ironman!!! Awesomeness!!!

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